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The Top 3 Reasons Your Small Business Needs T-Shirts

By Forty-second street content writer

T-Shirts are a fun and effective way to show off your brand's unique style and get attention for your business. When you choose us to design your shirts with Forty-Second Street, Inc., we guarantee to provide you with a custom design that specifically communicates your business's brand. We know that t-shirts are a fun and effective way to get the word out about your business. That's why Forty-Second Street, Inc., is offering custom screen printing-compatible t-shirt designs beginning at just $150 per design. Keep reading to find out how branded apparel can benefit your small business!

#1: Easily advertise your business in motion.

When you wear a custom t-shirt, you become a walking advertisement for your business. A unique, creative design can make you stand out from the crowd and stimulate conversations about what your brand has to offer. T-shirt designs can catch people’s eye and make a lasting impression, much like traditional standing billboards, but at a much lesser cost–an important factor for many small businesses. Custom t-shirts make your business stand out and can create lasting brand recognition.

#2: You’ll help establish your team’s workplace culture.

When you provide your team members with custom t-shirts from your business, you demonstrate that you have a vested interest in them. Maintaining that workplace esprit de corps can be difficult, especially when so many teams are currently working remotely. Giving your employees clothing that makes them feel like part of the team can go a long way to building an effective and upbeat work environment.

#3: T-shirts are versatile.

You can make your custom-designed brand’s t-shirts available for purchase, creating additional avenues of revenue for your brand. You can use them as gifts to your customers, give them to your employees, or any number of other individuals. In turn, everyone who wears one of your brand’s shirts becomes another walking billboard. With a creative custom design, you’ll have customers clamoring to obtain your brand’s wearables, creating free brand ambassadors for your business.

To get started on getting the custom t-shirts of your dreams, schedule a free 30-minute Custom T-Shirt Design Discovery Meeting with us. We won't require you to purchase anything—we'll just show you what we can do!

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