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Whether you need a writer for your website, your social media, your brand communications like press releases, or any other major project, let the experts at Forty-Second Street assist you. Our in-house writing team is here to ensure that you get the text you need, when you need it. Don't stress about writing or editing the content you need for your project. We're available to help you craft your brand's messaging.


Every brand is unique, and no two brands sound alike. Whatever kind of business you own, our qualified writing team can establish and maintain your brand's voice. It's important to give our clients the tools they need to succeed, so we also offer internal voice and style guide services. This way, you can independently maintain the continuity of your brand's voice. We make sure your brand's voice is heard—loud and clear.


Making sure that your writing reflects your brand's voice and is free of any grammar or style errors is time-consuming and challenging. In today's world, even a minor misspelling can turn away a potential client. We're available to act as copyeditors for our clients' writing projects to help you polish and perfect your communications for projects of all types.

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