Forty-Second Street is a brand design and strategy agency focusing on creative, open-minded, and results-driven solutions. Our Mission: To provide the best customer service possible.

Embodying East Tennessee's Creative Culture

At Forty Second Street, we believe your brand is the life of your company. Your brand is the details. We do the details!

Started in 2010, Forty-Second Street has worked with and helped develop thousands of businesses in East Tennessee. Forty-Second Street is not one person, or even the sum of our experience in design, but a new perspective: one that says an intimate understanding of your business is as important as stunning visuals.

Forty-second Street is the new art of branding. It's the idea that your success drives ours, and that companies of all sizes need customized solutions, not off-the-shelf answers. Simply put, we're a team of problem solvers who put our talents to work for you.